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Margarita Novikova is an award-winning artist filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist working within the field of experimental films, sound art, participatory performances and socially engaging art. Through the experiences of transforming oral history into interactive online films (webdocs) and experimenting with human voices, current works explore the ways of community cohesion referring to storytelling, composing and archival materials. 


Graduated with a degree in engineering (1986); later studied at the TV department of Journalism faculty at Moscow State University, authored documentary films for TV (1990s') and worked in mainstream journalism; graduated from the Video Art course at the Rodchenko Art School (2010). She will complete Master’s degree by the end of 2018, in Sound Arts at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London). 


She has an ongoing collaborative project with a documentary filmmaker Elena Michajlowska; their online platform highlights an idea of giving voice to different communities and researches relationship between collective and individual voices through interviews with communities' members. is supposed to be launched soon with the help of collaboration with a number of community-oriented projects, for example, Destination East Finchley. It is a lottery-funded project celebrating the multi-cultural community of N2, London. She also volunteers for the Migration Museum as a collector of interviews for the museum's oral history project and for the University Archives and Special Collections Centre (ASCC) at UAL, as a film editor who has produced a short film showcasing the collection of oral history recordings ASCC holds as part of the UAL Institutional Archive. 


She has an experience of organasing of a charitable art auction as well as curating and designing exhibitions. 


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